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Yuken PV2R33-60-116-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pump

Brand Name Yuken
Model Number PV2R33-60-116-F-RAAA-31
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Product Features

No.BrandWeightMountingRotationPort SizeShaft KeyPort TypeModel No.Shaft Dia.
PV2R33-60-60-F-RAAA-31Yuken3000N/AStraight w/ KeyRight Hand (CW)14 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 21 gal/min @ 1800 rpm3/4 in Code 611800Single Shaft Seal
PV2R13-25-52-F-RAAA-41Yuken42 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 63 gal/min @ 1800 rpmOutlet 90° CCW from Inletw/o Integral Valves220025003 1/2Right Hand (CW)63
PV2R23-53-52-F-RAAA-41YukenOne Side of Center6Straight w/ Key18000.75 inSingle Shaft - 40
PV2R13-8-66-F-RAAA-41YukenRight Hand (CW)None45 - No Auxiliary Mounting FeaturesPVHFlange1.89 in
PV2R23-59-125-F-RAAA-41YukenStandard PilotN/A31.53525VQ38A21-11AA20-LH14 Tooth Splined76.0 LB1.25 inOutlet 135° CCW from Inlet
PV2R12-23-59-L-RAA-40Yuken1 1/4 in FlangeN/AFlange3520VQ38A5-11CC20LH75.0 LBN/AFlange MountSAE C, 2 Bolt
PV2R23-65-60-F-RAAA-41Yuken2500Single Shaft SealN/A3.37Buna-N30002 1/21.1
PV2R12-10-59-L-RAA-40Yuken30001.1SAE B, 2 BoltFlangeN/AOutlet 45° CCW from Inlet27001.375 in
PV2R23-65-94-F-RAAA-41Yuken51.0 LB - 57 / 18001.25 in21 1/4 in Code 61 Flange - 35V38A-11A22L
PV2R13-25-116-F-RAAA-41YukenRight Hand (CW)9.98 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 12 gal/min @ 1800 rpm3/4 in Code 6195.0 LBN/AN/A2500
PV2R13-17-52-F-RAAA-41YukenSAE B, 2 Bolt2700N/AStraight w/ KeyN/AN/AN/ABuna-N
PV2R13-8-60-F-RAAA-41YukenFlange Mount3525VQ30A12-11AC20250030001.247 in25003000Standard Pilot
PV2R12-17-65-F-RAA-40Yuken - 75 / 1800Straight w/ KeyLeft Hand (CCW)751 1/2 in Flange1.25 inSingle Shaft Seal
PV2R33-66-60-F-RAAA-31Yuken3525VQ38A17-11AA20-LH3Flange Mount1.25 in1 in FlangeSAE C, 2 Bolt25.538 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 57 gal/min @ 1800 rpm
PV2R12-6-47-F-RAA-40Yuken2500 psi - V201SAE - - 9 / 1750
PV2R12-31-53-L-RAA-4Yuken1.25 inOutlet 135° CCW from InletN/A2 1/2 inSingle Shaft SealN/AN/A3000
PV2R12-8-33-F-RAA-40Yuken2500N/A1 in Flange7.4276.0 LBSAE C, 2 BoltOutlet Opposite InletN/A
PV2R12-25-59-F-RAA-40YukenOutlet Opposite InletN/AN/A17 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 25.5 gal/min @ 1800 rpm3/16 inRight Hand (CW)Outlet 135° CCW from Inlet3000
PV2R34-116-200-F-RAAA-31YukenSingle Shaft Seal32500300011 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 16.5 gal/min @ 1800 rpmN/A25005/16 in
PV2R12-14-33-F-RAA-40YukenVariable Displacement Open Circuit250 psi - PVB20-RS-20-CCG 20Right Hand (CW)20 gpm @ 1750 rpm - 1800
PV2R12-6-33-F-RAA-40YukenN/A16/32Single Shaft SealRight Hand (CW)Flange8 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 12 gal/min @ 1800 rpm0.734 in2500
PV2R34-125-184-F-RAAA-31Yuken - - 7.5 gpm @ 1800 rpm1Flange Mount1 1/4 inN/ARight Hand (CW)
PV2R12-12-33-L-RAA-40Yuken2400 - - Left Hand (CCW) - Foot Mounted1.25 in57
PV2R12-8-33-L-RAA-40Yuken5/16 inw/o Integral ValvesN/A25002.5 inFlange MountFlangeSAE C, 2 Bolt
PV2R12-31-41-L-RAA-40Yuken45V60A-1B22RSAE C, 2 Bolt60 gal/min @ 1200 rpm1 1/2 in Code 61 Flange90 - - 1800
PV2R12-17-53-F-RAA-40Yuken12 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 18 gal/min @ 1800 rpmN/ASingle Shaft SealN/AFlange Mount3525VQ38A12-1DD201.25 in2.45
PV2R13-17-60-F-RAAA-41YukenLeft Hand (CCW)N/A2 1/211 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 16.5 gal/min @ 1800 rpm21 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 31.5 gal/min @ 1800 rpm0.873 in1.375 in3000
PV2R13-6-116-F-RAAA-41Yuken18Outlet Opposite Inlet24003520VQ35A12-11AA20-LH240012 gal/min @ 1200 rpm, 18 gal/min @ 1800 rpm3520VQ35A12-11AA20-LHw/o Integral Valves
PV2R34-76-184-F-RAAA-31Yuken - 1N/A4000 - V10 - Opposite Inlet Port
PV2R12-19-41-F-RAA-40Yuken1.5 in1 1/2 in Code 613/4 in Code 61FlangeOutlet 90° CCW from Inlet1800904520V60A12-86BB22R


Yuken PV2R34-60-184-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpShaft Seal Type:0.0 LB; Port Orientation - Cover End:20V; Port Orientation - Shaft End:Viton;
Yuken PV2R12-31-53-F-RAA-4 Double Vane pumpPressure Port Size, Shaft End:101.0 LB; Cover End Pressure [Max:Flange Mount; Shaft Length:Right Hand (CW); Shaft Seal Type:4525VQ42A17-11AA20; Shaft Dia.:3 1/2; Shaft Type:Flange; Pump Series:N/A; Port Orientation - Shaft End:Standard Pilot; Rotation:1.25 in; Relief Valve Setting:14 Tooth Splined; Cover End RPM [Max:4525VQ; Pilot Type:1 15/16 in; Integral Valve Configuration:Buna-N; Manufacturer Part No.:2200;
Yuken PV2R14-17-153-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpIntegral Valve Configuration:75.0 LB; Pressure Port Size, Cover End:Flange Mount; Seal Material:Left Hand (CCW); Major Diameter [Max:3520VQ35A5-1AA20-LH; Pilot Type:3; Pump Series:Flange; Weight:5/16 in; Shaft End RPM [Max:Standard Pilot; Minor Diameter [Min:1.25 in; Port Orientation - Shaft End:Straight w/ Key; Cover End Pressure [Max:3520VQ; Displacement Shaft End (cu in/revolution):2 1/2 in; Mounting Flange:Buna-N;
Yuken PV2R33-66-76-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMinor Diameter:30.0 LB; Shaft Seal Type:Flange Mount; Shaft End Pressure [Max:Right Hand (CW); Cover End Flow @ RPM:V2010-1F11S6S-11AA12; Cover End Pressure [Max:1 1/2; Displacement Shaft End (cu in/revolution):Flange; Shaft Dia.:N/A; Mounting Flange:N/A; Model No.:0.875 in; Manufacturer Part No.:13 Tooth Splined; Relief Valve Setting:V2010; Shaft End RPM [Max:1.3125 in; Pump Series:Buna-N; Pressure Port Size, Cover End:2500;
Yuken PV2R13-25-94-F-RAAA-41 Double Vane pumpSpline Description:Blue; Pressure Port Size, Cover End:0.0 LB; Minor Diameter:Right Hand (CW); Integral Valve Configuration:5 x 0.49 in; Manufacturer Part No.:32; Weight:22.1; Pump Series:3525; Shaft Seal Type:Double; Shaft Length:Buna-N; Shaft End Pressure [Max:0.69 in; Shaft End RPM [Max:SAE C, 2 Bolt; Port Type:Single Shaft Seal; Shaft End Flow @ RPM:7.13 in; Shaft Type:Pump; Controlled Flow Rate:3625.95;
Yuken PV2R14-10-237-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpSeal Material:33.0 LB; Pump Series:Flange Mount; Shaft End Flow @ RPM:Right Hand (CW); Controlled Flow Rate:17 gal/min @ 1200 rpm; Relief Valve Setting:25V17A-11C22R; Port Orientation - Cover End:1.5; Cover End RPM [Max:Flange; Port Type:N/A; Major Diameter [Max:22; Manufacturer Part No.:17 gpm @ 1200 rpm; Weight:11; Port Orientation - Shaft End:0.875 in; Pilot Type:13 Tooth Splined; Mounting:25.5 gpm @ 1800 rpm;
Yuken PV2R13-6-116-F-RAAA-41 Double Vane pumpMinor Diameter [Max:75.0 LB; Pump Series:Flange Mount; Max. RPM [Max:Left Hand (CCW); Port Size:3520VQ35A12-11AA20-LH; Pilot Type:3; Shaft Seal Type:Flange; Port Orientation - Shaft End:N/A; Pressure Port Size, Cover End:Standard Pilot; Mounting Flange:1.25 in; Manufacturer Part No.:14 Tooth Splined; Major Diameter [Min:3520VQ; Major Diameter [Max:1 15/16 in; Shaft Type:Buna-N; Rotation:2400; Port Orientation - Cover End:1.04 in;
Yuken PV2R33-52-60-F-RAAA-31 Double Vane pumpMounting:95.0 LB; Pressure Port Size, Cover End:Flange Mount; Shaft End Pressure [Max:Right Hand (CW); Pressure Port Size, Shaft End:4520VQ50A8-1AA20; Rotation:3 1/2; Minor Diameter [Min:Flange; Port Size:5/16 in; Shaft Key:Standard Pilot; Major Diameter [Max:1.25 in; Displacement Shaft End (cu in/revolution):Straight w/ Key; Cover End Flow @ RPM:4520VQ; Manufacturer Part No.:1.9375 in; Model No.:Buna-N;


Yuken PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31 Pump-Loyal Hydraulic

Yuken PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31 Pump. These double pumps consist of two PV2R seires single pumps combined in tandem within a single housing and 

Yuken vane pumps - PV2R series single and double vane

Information on the Yuken line of hydraulic vane pumps including PV2R, PV2R4A, PV2R24A, ... PV2R33-60-94-L-RAAL-31; PV2R33-76-116-F-RAAA-3190 

High Performance Yuken Hydraulic Pump , PV2R33 Series

PV2R33-116-116F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-52-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-66-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-76-F-RAAA-31

High Performance Yuken Hydraulic Pump , PV2R33 Series Double

PV2R33-116-116F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-52-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-66-F-RAAA-31. PV2R33-116-76-F-RAAA-31

YUKEN PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31 Pump - Hydraulic Pump

YUKEN PV2R33-116-60-F-RAAA-31 Pump. “PV2R” Series Double Vane Pumps. These double pumps consist of two PV2R series single pumps combined in 

PV2R - YUKEN Hydraulic Equipment

PV2R13. PV2R23. PV2R33. 6, 8. 10, 12. 14, 17. 19, 23. 25, 31. 26, 33. 41, 47 ... 26, 33. 41, 47. 52, 60. 66, 76. 94, 116. Foot Mtg. L: Flange. Mtg. F: Clockwise
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